Pictures from Japan, 2008

"Sento" Traditional Japanese Bathhouse
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Sento Traditional Japanese Bath, Tokyo Japan

I continue to work through my library of photographs from the last decade I’ve spent here in Japan. Currently I’m back in 2008, a time when I took a lot of landscapes, cityscapes, and “omoshiroi mono” interesting objects, in day and at night, in fair weather and foul, in various states of decay and renewal. See some of the most popular recent uploads below, and visit my galleries at to view the uploads to date. Enjoy!

Fence Posts; Kodaira, Tokyo JapanKiyoharu Art Village, Yamanashi JapanRouault Chapel, Kiyoharu Art Village, Yamanashi JapanRusty Sign, Kodaira, Tokyo Japan


Buddhist Temple, Kichijoji

Buddhist Temple; Kichijoji, Tokyo Japan

Anyoji Buddhist Temple; Kichijoji, Tokyo Japan

More pictures uploaded to the galleries at 500px: these from photo walks around Kichijoji in the autumn of 2007. The picture above is from a small Buddhist temple tucked away near the top of Sunshine Dori shopping street. Check out this and other pics full-sized at