Tokyo Kills Me: Yanaka

Yanaka; Tokyo Kills Me

Old-school neighbourhood signs in the Yanaka neighbourhood of Tokyo.

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Hanazono Shrine, Shinjuku; Tokyo Kills Me

Hanazono Shrine, Shinjuku; Shinjuku Kills Me, circa 2012

Hanazono Shrine: a quiet space in the press and shove of bright lights, big city Shinjuku: on the edge of the Kabukicho red-light district #tokyokillsme

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Christmas in Harajuku; Tokyo Kills Me


“Santa in a phone booth” display in front of Tokyu Plaza, on the main shopping ‘n strolling street in Harajuku.

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Tokyo Kills Me

Tokyo Kills Me, circa 2010

Tokyo is the greatest megacity in the world.

This frenetic, superlative Ur-City is the place I have made my home for the last 16 years – a three-year overseas adventure which has become a way of life (sorry, Ma!).

As a writer and especially as a photographer, I find the constant (over-) stimulation a daily source of inspiration. Even after all these years, I start my commute each morning with the thrilling sense of a new adventure about to begin.

Whenever I get a little burned out on daily life here in this overcrowded, hyperactive, workaholic city,  all I need do is turn some random corner, preferably with camera in hand, to discover some fresh new angle or view, or to uncover another ugly or delicious *omoshiroi mono* “interesting object” among the everyday, the overlooked, the quotidian.

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Tokyo Kills Me 2.0: Photos

Tokyo Photographic Art Museum

I have always felt that the world is an erotic place… For me cities are enormous bodies of people’s desires. And as I search for my own desires within them, I slice into time, seeing the moment. That’s the kind of camera work I like. — Daido Moriyama

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