Nihonbashi Bridge in Spring; Tokyo Japan (TKM)

Tokyo Kills Me, Spring 2018

Nihonbashi Bridge in Spring; Tokyo Japan.

Snapshots from daily life in Tokyo, aka The Big Sushi. Taken by me — mostly — on an iPhone X

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A Gorpcore Fashionista in Tokyo

This fashion season, outdoor clothing labels take a turn on the catwalk

Climbing Mount Fuji, or On the Commute? Puffie from Ternua; hardshell by The North Face; watch cap by 66 North.

My long-time haute couture has become au courant!

Midweek, early spring. A rain day, too soon in the season for a typhoon, but still a tempest of wind and rain lashes our bedroom window in suburban Tokyo. I’d really rather stay under the futon, but duty calls…

It’s going to be a long walk to the station.

Fortunately, I have the right clothes for the job. After half a lifetime of cherry-picking outlet shops, bargain bins, and clearance sales, I have a closet full of premium, high-tech, performance-enhancing apparel. The latest miracle fibers. Quick-dry Wickron™ for Tokyo’s tropical summer heat and humidity. Capilene® and Merino wool for the pre-dawn cool of spring and autumn. Polartec® and Thinsulate™ puffies for winter’s bright, dry days and chilly nights. WINDSTOPPER® fleece and GORE-TEX® shells for wind- and rain-lashed typhoon season.

Until recently, sporting such recreational gear on a workday earned me sideways glances from fellow commuters.

Then, a couple of winters ago, a sea-change rippled through the dour, dark blues and browns and greys, the occasional bursts of tan among my fellow commuters.

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Tokyo Snow Days


I love Tokyo in the snow. It usually only happens a few times a year — only once so far this year — and when it does it never lasts.

When it does snow, the “ocean effect” light dry powder blows in from the Sea of Japan, it transforms this Blade-Runneresque megacity into a magical, fantastical winter wonderland.


Tokyo Snow Days

Living in Japan

The upside/downsides of expat life in the land of the rising sun


I recently posted about the ups and downs of life in Tokyo. Due to popular demand, I’m gonna follow up with a sequel about living in Japan…

I arrived in Japan on a three-year overseas adventure before returning to start my next adventure, but “life happens” as they say… Herewith, (partial) lists of what I’ve found living in Japan for nigh-on 20 years.

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Nuclear Nightmares in Tokyo

 Ongoing updates from a Japan expat’s front-row seat of the end of the world

einsteinsminstersThe leaves have turned all Christmas-y red and orange and yellow in the mountains outside town, and white gauze masks have appeared like Santa beards on the faces of Tokyo commuters. Still, as the war of words continues — I wake to the news that Trump has a new nickname for Kim Jong-un: “Little Rocket Man … he is a sick puppy,” — and has put North Korea back on the list of State Sponsors of Terrorism, and that North Korea has launched yet another missile into the Sea of Japan, the question hangs in the air like background radiation: “Is it safe?”

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Tokyo through Expat Eyes 2.0

The joys and sorrows of daily life as an expat in The Big Sushi


I arrived in Japan almost 20 years ago (on what was meant to be a three-year overseas adventure, but that’s another story). After four years of living in the inaka countryside of northernmost Japan, Hokkaido, I moved to Tokyo and have been here ever since. The answers below are the most recent iteration of an ongoing, evolving answer to questions which have popped up in online forums such as Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree, Quora, and TripAdvisor: Why are you in Tokyo? What are the up- and downsides of living in The Big Mikan? Herewith, some provisional answers…

Since I wanna finish on a positive note, I’ll start with the downsides of life in Tokyo…

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