Free Tix to Japan for Bloggers and Social Media Types

The headline says it all: to stimulate tourism to Japan, after what Paul Theroux calls Japan’s disaster-by-installments of earthquake, tsunami, nuclear crisis, meltdown, PLUS a strong yen, the Japanese government is planning to give away 10,000 free flights to Japan.

The catch? You have to write about your experiences to help promote Japan as a tourist destination.

For more information, read 10,000 Free Round-Trip Tickets to Japan  by Akiko Fujita at ABC News Blogs.

Lemme know you’re coming and you can crash on my couch.

2 thoughts on “Free Tix to Japan for Bloggers and Social Media Types

  1. Keep us updated!! I would really REALLY like to be chosen for the opportunity! I went to Japan last Sept (2010) and did some photos of the Geishas/Maikos – I loved every second of my trip! Feel free to check out the photos on my blog – and thanks for posting this above. I am excited!!

  2. Will do. As I understand it, the scheme must first be approved by the government. Then, there will a website put u with application details. By the spring of 2012…? I’ll pass on what I learn when I learn it!

    Nice pics of geisha/maiko, btw! I especially liked the slightly washed out processing that gives them an air of nostalgia…

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