Radiation Hotspots in Tokyo

But before you cash in those free tickets to Japan…

… you might want to get an update on these stories of radiation hotspots in Tokyo and area. Seems average citizens armed with dosimeters have been independently monitoring radiation atthe local level. So far, their efforts have led to the discovery of radioactive sludge on the roof an apartment building in Yokohama, and a sidewalk-level hotspot in Setagawa ward, Tokyo, caused, according to reports, by a mysterious liquid in a cluster of bottles discovered in the basement of an unoccupied house…

Here are just two of the many media reoprts on this story:

from BBC News

… and Japantoday

This story sparks the curiosity of the writer in me. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, and fabulists like Murakami Haruki might be closer to realism than we realize.

I wonder what surprises would be uncovered if similar, neighbourhood-level tests were conducted in Toronto, or New York, for example?

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