Good Reads: Expat’s Lament

… about other expats.

Expats, as opposed to immigrants, live a blessed life in places like Japan. While we are sometimes at the receiving end of discrimination and unwanted attention (the drunk Japanese guy who wanted to practice his English in the Indian restaurant where I stopped for dinner last night. I decided on take out), we also gain a lot of perks from our relative exoticism. I remember, when first arriving in Japan, and realizing just how sweet A.’s JET PROGRAMME gig was going to be, we told ourselves “It’s time to get out when we start to think we deserve all this.” Then again, that was 13 years ago and I’m still here….

Kate Sedgwick, at riffs on The Expat Dilemma. She’s based in Argentina; the same conflict she writes about exists in the expat community here in Japan — and elsewhere, if my experience in Korea is any indication.

Favourite bit: “I get it. We complain to relate. But I would really like to hear a little more about what it is you like because things could be so much worse.”


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