Summer Olympics 2020?!?

Official IOC Announcement: Tokyo 2020

Honestly, I didn’t think we’d get it. If I’d had to guess, I would’ve gone with Madrid — because of the economic crisis in Spain, if nothing else. Or Istanbul. I’ve never been, but I’ve always loved the idea of an ancient, cosmopolitan city which straddles East and West…

Tokyo? Really? With the ongoing concerns about radiation leakage at Fukushima? Two and a half years ago, the question was how to get the expat “flyjin” to stay during the crisis; now it’s the opposite problem: how we gonna host a couple million visitors?

What’s this gonna mean for the Big Sushi? I suspect we’ve already got enough event facilities scattered about the Greater Tokyo Area, and we can always build more capsule hotels for the increase in visitors (I’m kidding, of course), but what about transportation? Commuter trains are already packed tight as cucumber sushi rolls… how are we gonna move all those extra visitors around The City?

… I just told R., my wife, the news. She points out that sales tax, already set to rise from the current 5% to 8%, will increase to help pay costs for upgrading infrastructure…

As I say, I really didn’t think we’d get it, not that I have any real insight into the matter, but I guess this qualifies as Big News. More to come…


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