Tropical Storm Man-yi Most times, the typhoons which wreak havoc down Okinawa way and in western Japan are pretty much spent by the time they reach us here in Tokyo. Not this time, apparently: Man-yi is headed straight for us, and expected to make landfall by tomorrow dawn. Heavy rains and winds, though nothing, like, life-threatening expected. Still, a rare school closure day here in the Big Sushi. You can follow the storm’s progress on the map linked to above. I’ll let ya know if there’s any drama here in western Tokyo (we live uphill, out of any real danger of floods)…

2 thoughts on “Tropical Storm Man-yi

  1. Kansai area got damege by this typhoon .flood after a heavy rain, collapsed house and people were trapped in the rubble.
    Before typhoon came to Japan, tornado came. Definitely climate is changing and something bad : ( Hope Tokyo is ok !

    1. Yes, I saw the pictures on the news. Much of Kyoto is under water, and many people have evacuated their homes. Tokyo is in much better shape. So far, the only damage I’ve heard about is from outlying areas such as Saitama.

      Let’s hope that this storm doesn’t inflict any more damage on Tohoku and the people there who are still recovering from March 11, 2011…

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