Extreme Weather: Typhoon Wipha Update

Bike Lot, Post-Typhoon Wipha
Bike Lot, Post-Typhoon Wipha

… just back from walking R. to the train station. Our commuter line is delayed, but not cancelled, because of Typhoon Wipha, which means she’s expected to show up at the office.

Walking out of doors in extreme weather can be exhilarating. Even on a say like today, when the worst we got of it in this area was leaf, twig, and small branch litter on the road, and a patch of flattened bikes near the station, the suck and surge of the heavy air still reminds us that wind is called a FORCE of nature for a reason: it can blow you around any time it wants, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Still, by the time we got to the station the worst of it had passed, and R. made her way to her job in The City. My school has cancelled the day, so I sat at a cafe in the station and watched a diminished but steady stream of commuters – some doubtless my neighbours – flow through the ticket gates.

By 10 am the sky was clearing to the west. Now it’s 11:30 am, and its almost as if nothing happened.

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