Extreme Weather: Record Summer; Whither Autumn?

The summer of 2013 may have pretty much sucked here in Tokyo, with temperatures hitting as high as 38 degrees Celsius (on Sunday, August 11th) and reaching above 30 half-way into October for a new record, but things could have been worse: western Japan has apparently had its hottest summer ever, with temperatures in the city of Shimanto reaching 41 degrees.

Then, just over two weeks ago, the thermometer nose-dived down to seasonal averages: today it’s a positively wintery-feeling 16 in the rain.

Autumn is my favourite season; the next post – on our weekend trip to Yamanashi – will help explain why.

For now let’s just hope for a graceful fall into winter…


4 thoughts on “Extreme Weather: Record Summer; Whither Autumn?

    1. Thanks for the comment! Yes, Yamanashi really is great, especially at this time of the year when all the leaves have turned. Trying to imagine which locations would inspire a horror movie….

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