Sapporo on the Rise?

Trip Advisor’s Travelers’ Choice 2013: Destinations on the Rise – World includes Sapporo at the #8 spot, citing its famous beer, Olympic-inspired youthful energy, the Snow Festival, and ramen noodles.

Honestly, I enjoyed rolling into Sapporo two or three times a year as a break from living deep in the countryside of northern Hokkaido. After all, I grew up in Toronto – a similar-sized city – and was used to some city amenities. After a three-hour train ride, I would hit the two bookstores which stocked English books and magazines, then – after they finally opened – go to Starbucks for a rare caffe latte, and read. There was also a Patagonia Outlet on… the North? side of the station… That was, like, fifteen years ago, and I still have the two tops and fleece pants I picked up there on steep discount. Sometimes we would catch a flick at Sapporo Factory; occasionally we’d party at Rad Brothers.

A weekend escape for someone living in the area. A world-class tourist destination? Hmn…

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