Shinjuku Drift: Trailer

 Here you go, in anticipation of the next instalment of Shinjuku Drift, I offer you Stainless – Shinjuku, a video by Adam Magyar recently uploaded to vimeo.

I’ve watched parts of this a few times now, and still haven’t figured out how he put it together. Stills superimposed over video footage? Is that even a thing?


3 thoughts on “Shinjuku Drift: Trailer

  1. This isn’t hard to figure out at all. He set up the camera to shoot probably at 60fps and shot as the train was leaving (or arriving). When you play it back at 30fps it looks smooth, but it’s slowed down very much so it looks like a still photograph but the people are actually moving. They are just moving really slowly. The train must have been traveling at a fairly good clip.

    1. Thanks for writing, whitelotus88! According to this story on petapixel, Magyar used something called a “slit-scan slow motion camera” of his own design to shoot “Stainless” – and the other videos in his series Urban Flow.

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