Extreme Weather: Tokyo Snow Update 9 Feb ’14

The view out my study window, 6pm Saturday
The view out my study window, 6pm Saturday

Well, as of, like, 4:30 am Sunday, the snow has finally stopped falling, though the winds are still howling – the sliding door to the bedroom shivers in its frame every once in a while, like it’s just seen a ghost.

Heard a few sirens through the night, and learned that there were blackouts in parts of the city – or at least surrounding areas such as Saitama. Still, we pulled through unscathed, though maybe a little cabin feverish.

The news media, at least the western news media, are reporting 5 deaths and hundreds injured due to the storm, though not to make light of it but those numbers probably shouldn’t be startling: it’s a big storm, and I imagine most of the injuries and fatalities are due to things like storm-related traffic accidents.

Apparently the snowfall count is 27cm for Tokyo, making it the new record since 1994. Several universities have apparently delayed the start of their entrance examinations due to the weather.

Seems 2014, the year of the horse, could be another one for extreme weather and interesting times…

Here’s a couple of stories with more details, and some dramatic photography (apparently professional photographers don’t limit themselves to shots they can take from the warmth and safety of their study window. Who knew?):

Australia Network News, Five dead, over 600 injured as heavy snow hits Japan

BBC, Japan snowfall disrupts air, rail and road transport (includes broadcast)


4 thoughts on “Extreme Weather: Tokyo Snow Update 9 Feb ’14

    1. Thanks! Actually, it’s mid-day Sunday and already the temps have returned to a more reasonable 10 degrees. The streets are a sloppy mess right now! Hope it doesn’t freeze up again before tomorrow morning’s commute…

    1. Thanks for the comment! Yes, snow really does transform the Big City, doesn’t it. Actually, I’m putting together a slideshow of Tokyo Snow pics at the moment, though mostly they’re of the suburban countryside rather than the Big Sushi itself… temps already well above freezing. Like, 10 degrees above…

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