Tokyo Photo: Suburban Snow

Berries in Snow All this recent snowfall (last weekend’s record-breaking storm, here in pictures; yesterday’s flurry; word on the street there may be more to come) has given “snow on the brain” to this old Canuck. Inspired by Sunday’s neighbourhood photo safari, I’ve been editing recent snow pics as well as going through my Lightroom Library and uploading to my – rejuvenated – account oldies but goodies of snowstorms in Tokyo.

Farmhouse in the Snow This time, I decided to try a test: I would crowdsource the 500px community to choose the three most popular images from my ‘(Suburban) Snow in Tokyo’ set, and those would be the ones I embedded in this page. The results are here, to the left of the text. So, what do you think? Does the crowd at 500px have a good eye, or is it impossible to choose good pictures by committee? Is crowdsourcing, as it is implemented on 500px, a reliable measure of quality, or is it just another system which has been ‘gamed’ by unscrupulous users, as photographer Andy Hutchinson asserts?
Orange Tree in the Snow For the record, the first three photos on this page are the results, in order, of the most popular of my recent uploads. Below, if you wanna know, are my three picks in no particular order… Berries in SnowSnow GuitarShrine in Snow


9 thoughts on “Tokyo Photo: Suburban Snow

      1. I’ve never been ): And I’ve never seen real snow in my life before, which might be because I live in Australia where snow doesn’t even really exist ahaha ;D They look beautiful in your photos though 🙂

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