Extreme Weather: Tokyo Snow… What, Again?!?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Well, less than a week after the last record-breaking snowfall, another full-force winter storm is socking it to us here in The Big Sushi. It rolled into town yesterday morning, too late to shut down the morning commute but in time for my school to declare a half-day snow day. Now, 24 hours later, it’s still coming down and piling up, and a bitter wind growls around the house from time to time to remind us that yes, we’re warm and safe for now, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. And sooner or later we’ll run out of, like Valentine’s chocolates or something and have to venture outside…

But until then we are warm and safe in our comfortable little house in Nishi Tokyo. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAP2142996OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAP2142999P2143011P2143012


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