Extreme Weather Update: Snow and Rain in Tokyo February 14 – 15

Outside Tokyo Midtown
Outside Tokyo Midtown

Another weekend spent at home. Apparently, about 10cm of snow fell yesterday, though the wind blowing it into banks and drifts made it seem like more. This weekend’s wet, heavy flakes also had more… substance than last weekend’s big, fluffy white stuff.

So, not as much as last weekend, but still more than enough to have an impact on life in The City: our commuter line is running at reduced service; others such as the Chuo line were shut down entirely for at least part of the day.

Word is, today is warmer (we have yet to set foot out of doors), but it stayed cloudy and even the rain that fell through the morning failed to melt last night’s accumulation. Now, as evening comes on, it’s still a mess outside – slow turned to slush. looks like tomorrow will be another stay-at-home day…

By the way, I took the photo above last night, around eight o’clock or so, outside Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi. For more, better pictures of storm scenes around town, check out Tokyobling’s blog post ‘Second Storm Over Tokyo’.


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