New Apple Store in Omotesando

Apple Store, Omotesando
Apple Store, Omotesando

The new Apple store opened on Friday the 13th (!) in Omotesando, a short-ish walk up the road from Harajuku Station. I didn’t manage to get there ’til around lunchtime, by which time the wait in line was about an hour long according to the young Apple Genius or whatever manning the front entrace and high-fiving fanboys and -girls on their way inside. Apparently, a small gift awaited them inside…

Apple released a video last week, embedded below, featuring their new retail design concept. At least, that was apparently the intent. Watching it, however, I’m left wondering what it’s really like to work at an Apple store? And apparently I’m not alone in wondering: back in 2012 Gizmodo published a post with an inside look at the employee training manual, The Genius Training Student Workbook. Gizmodo’s take? “Become strong while appearing compassionate; persuade while seeming passive, and empathize your way to a sale.” Enjoy.


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