Extreme Weather: Typhoon Phanfone

(Update: 9am, and this should be the worst of it. Heavy rain conitnues, but none of the damaging winds we were led to expect. Trains are running with some delays; R. has gone to work. I’m at the computer, awaiting any calls from students who have questions on the assignments posted to the class Moodle pages.)

5 am and Typhoon Phanfone is still little more than a persistent rain here in Tokyo. However, the worst of it is yet to come: Phanfone’s touchdown is expected later this morning, around 9 am.

According to Dr. Jeff Masters’ blog on Weather Underground, the typhoon is weakening rapidly, and may be no more than a Category 1 storm by the time it does arrive in Tokyo. However, according to The Weather Channel website, The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) is anticipating sustained winds of 80 mph with gusts to 115 mph at the time it reaches us, which would make it the strongest wind on record (the sustained wind record is 69.3 mph, recorded in a typhoon on Sept. 1, 1938; the strongest wind gust is 104.5 mph, recorded the same day.)

Apparently warnings have also been issued for local tornados. I’ve heard some sustained thunder — apparently a warning sign for tornadoes — but so far nothing more than that.

Update: The Headmistress has just closed school for the day. Looks like I’ll be teaching virtual classes from home!

Trains, as of 6 am, are mostly running on time according to this timetable.

Let’s see what 9 am brings!


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