Japan Photo Drift: Hokkaido (Gallery Two)


Pictures of Summer in Biei, Hokkaido

Although I developed, so to speak, a passion for photography during the four years I lived on Japan’s rural, northernmost island of Hokkaido — island light! — I don’t have digital copies of those first pictures.

These pictures are from a summer trip R. and I took to the Biei area of central Hokkaido in 2012. Although I didn’t really appreciate it then — I was alone, my girlfriend being in Tokyo — the Biei area is very photogenic. Cigarette commercials and TV dramas like to use the patchwork fields and dramatic treelines as their settings.

By the way, the volcano pictures are from an aborted climb up Asahidake, in Daisetsuzan National Park.

For better or worse, in the summer of 2012 — as now, to some extent — I was really into black and white photography. “Island light” be damned, I shot these landscapes through the Grainy Film filter in my Olympus e-p3 camera.

3 thoughts on “Japan Photo Drift: Hokkaido (Gallery Two)

    1. Right? So it’s not just me! Colourful as this part of Hokkaido can be in summer, seeing it through a black and white filter, so to speak, reveals textures than otherwise go un-noticed.

      Thanks for the comment!

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