Mount Mitakesan Photo Hike

Mount Mitakesan to Hinodesan

Tengu Tree

Even now, after more than a decade of visiting and photographing around Mount Mitakesan in western Tokyo, R. and I still find new pictures to take. Sometimes it’s something new or that we didn’t notice before, such as the goblins “hidden” in the renovated stairs which lead to the summit-top shrine, or a new lookout spot to the green serrated ridges of the surrounding mountains on the trail from Hinodesan to Tsurutsuru onsen; other times it’s a new way of seeing an old subject, such as the backlighting on the tengu tree this trip.

Mitakesan continues to be enjoying its moment, as there were far more visitors than we’re used to, and far more tourists at the shrine and on the trails. On the plus side, work crews have done some serious maintenance leading from Hinodesan down to the Tsurutsuru onsen; this section of the trail used to have steep, knee-aching stairs but have been replaced by far gentler, knee-saving steps.

Another great day at Mitakesan. Despite the growing crowds, I expect we’ll continue to return to one of our favourite power spots in Japan…

If you like these pics, check out my continually updated Mitakesan gallery at 500px…




2 thoughts on “Mount Mitakesan Photo Hike

  1. Hi! I chanced upon your blog from tripadvisor. Am planning to fly in to Tokyo in July and would love some advice on where to stay. We are looking at staying in a mountainous areas that we can do lots of hiking or trekking. We have previously been to Takayama, Magome Tsumago areas and love them =) Any suggestions would be lovely, thank you!

    1. Hi lucbabe,

      Hmn… Are you familiar with Kamikochi? It’s a resort area with campgrounds and various degrees of mountain hut-type accommodation in the Japan Alps. Touristy in high season, but a photogenic area with lots of shorter and longer treks into the surrounding mountains (and an easier one along the river). Here are some pictures from my trip there last spring

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