Why I Like Living in Japan


Today the question came up on Quora, “What do you like most about Japan?” Maybe it’s the broadness of the question, or the fact that I have a tone of work to do these days, but the query launched me on an hour-long bout of creative procrastination, which has resulted in (lightly edited) following answer:

I left for a three-year overseas adventure before returning to start my next adventure, but “life happens” as they say… Herewith, a partial list of what has kept me in Japan for nigh-on 20 years:

  1. Tokyo. I’m not actually a big-city person, and decided a long ago I could never live in the constant over-stimulation of a place like Manhattan, but we’ve made Tokyo work, especially as the superlative public transit makes it possible to live in the rural suburbs (a term I have only seen application in Japan, and possibly Korea) and commute daily into the heart of the biggest city in the world. Actually, I find my commute and daily life in Tokyo so inspiring I frequently carry a camera and snap along the way…

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