What I Don’t Like about Living in Japan

A companion piece to yesterday’s post, ‘What I Most Like about Living in Japan’


As for disadvantages, I suppose it depends on where you start from, on what you’re comparing it to (“disadvantages” is inherently a comparative term)

So, in the interests of context and point of view, I’ll say that I grew up and was educated in Canada, and came to Japan on a three-year adventure which 20 years later has turned into a way of life

Okay, offhand the following disadvantages come to mind:

  1. Urban sprawl: from the window of a train, it’s possible to travel for hours, for hundreds and hundreds of miles along Japan’s most populous corridor, aka the Taiheiyō Belt (太平洋ベルト) following the Pacific coast, one grey-concrete.and-tile city blending into the next

Read the rest of the post at What I Don’t Like about Living in Japan


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