Tokyo Snow Days


I love Tokyo in the snow. It usually only happens a few times a year — only once so far this year — and when it does it never lasts.

When it does snow, the “ocean effect” light dry powder blows in from the Sea of Japan, it transforms this Blade-Runneresque megacity into a magical, fantastical winter wonderland.


Tokyo Snow Days


Tokyo through Expat Eyes 2.0

The joys and sorrows of daily life as an expat in The Big Sushi


I arrived in Japan almost 20 years ago (on what was meant to be a three-year overseas adventure, but that’s another story). After four years of living in the inaka countryside of northernmost Japan, Hokkaido, I moved to Tokyo and have been here ever since. The answers below are the most recent iteration of an ongoing, evolving answer to questions which have popped up in online forums such as Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree, Quora, and TripAdvisor: Why are you in Tokyo? What are the up- and downsides of living in The Big Mikan? Herewith, some provisional answers…

Since I wanna finish on a positive note, I’ll start with the downsides of life in Tokyo…

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Updated: Tokyo Kills Me, Fall 2017

Tokyo Kills Me: Fall, 2017. Snapshots from daily life in The Big Sushi. Updated November 10, 2017.



Nuclear Nightmares in Tokyo: TNT (Trump in Tokyo) Edition

an expat’s view of the end of the world

0-Jl0_lDkKkiVjwAT2And so autumn colours, all Ivanka-kimono red and Donald-skintone orange, have settled over Japan as the Trumps pass in Tokyo like ships in the night: Ivanka on her way out; Donald on his way in.

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Tokyo Kills Me: Fall, 2017

Tokyo Kills Me: Fall, 2017. Snapshots from daily life in The Big Sushi.



What I Don’t Like about Living in Japan

A companion piece to yesterday’s post, ‘What I Most Like about Living in Japan’


As for disadvantages, I suppose it depends on where you start from, on what you’re comparing it to (“disadvantages” is inherently a comparative term)

So, in the interests of context and point of view, I’ll say that I grew up and was educated in Canada, and came to Japan on a three-year adventure which 20 years later has turned into a way of life

Okay, offhand the following disadvantages come to mind:

  1. Urban sprawl: from the window of a train, it’s possible to travel for hours, for hundreds and hundreds of miles along Japan’s most populous corridor, aka the Taiheiyō Belt (太平洋ベルト) following the Pacific coast, one grey-concrete.and-tile city blending into the next

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