Japan Photo Hike: Mount Hiwadasan

Easy dayhike in Chichibu Mountains


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: one of the best things about living in Tokyo is just how easy it is to get out of “the world’s greatest city.” With the Pacific on one side, a rugged peninsula, and the white sand and blue water of the Ogasawara archipelago in a thousand-kilometre-long chain to the south, and mountains to north and east and west, The Big Sushi is literally surrounded by outdoor adventures big and small.

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Tokyo Hike: Mount Hiwadasan

Hidawasan, Oct 2013

One of the best things about living in Nishi Tokyo is just how easy it is to get OUT of Nishi Tokyo when the mood strikes. Sure, Monday to Friday R. and I have longish commutes by, say, Toronto standards: one and a half hours each way to our jobs in The Big Sushi core, if I take the more leisurely walking route from the station to school. Still, by Tokyo standards, that ain’t bad. Not good, maybe, but not the tsukin jigoku commuting hell some riders apparently face on a daily basis.

Still, on the weekends, we can choose between a trip to the cinemas and museums in the city centre or, for about the same amount of travel time, in under an hour in some cases, we can be in the hills outside of town, communing with deer, bear, monkeys, and — if you happen to believe in such things — tengu and kappa.

Last weekend, the first with decent, sub-30 temps we’ve been free since coming back to the Big Sushi, we turned our backs on the usual commute and went west instead of east and enjoyed a day in the hills of Chichibu, in neighbouring Saitama prefecture.

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