Iceland Bound: March 2015

If you wanna know, I haven’t left Japan or given blogging on Big Sushi, Little Fishes or anything. This year, instead of our usual spring trip to somewhere in Japan (Kanazawa, for example, or Ishigaki-jima), R. and I are headed to Iceland – home of Bjork, Sigur Ros, and fermented shark meat. In fact, we haven’t even left yet but I’ve already started posting about the trip on my other blog, Exit Booted. You can follow our preparations and adventures there! Takk! (“thanks,” in Icelandic).


Yakushima + Sigur Ros’ Mystery Film Experiment

Yakushima, the temperate rainforest island south of Kyushu and home to millennia-year-old cedar trees, features in the music video “Dauoalogn”, by Henry Jun Wah Lee with music from Sigur Ros’ recent album Valtari.

Actually, Lee’s video isn’t my favourite from Sigur Ros’ Mystery Film Experiment. That would be “Varúð” by Inga Birgisdóttir:

Followed by a second take on Varúð, this time by Ryan McGinley:

… There’s a total of 455 entries to the Mystery Film Experiment on Vimeo’s site, which is some 433 more than made it onto the DVD…